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     At AngelFire Productions we have been working with computers since 1985. Back then it was Amiga and Timex-Sinclair and an occasional IBM running MSDOS. We have been growing our knowledge over the years and have gone through many different machines including our first Mac 6100/60 AV in 1993 and a Mac clone-the Power Tower Pro 225 a little later.

     Steve used to work in the AV Department at Yavapai College for 11 years before 1997 repairing the A/V equipment including the computers in the Library. They found Steve was better at repairing them than the IT department there! For one thing he worked right inside the library!

     We have many years experience in repairing both Mac and Windows machines. Steve is very much a Mac guy having had to repair so many Windows machines! Generally if we sell you a new computer it will be a new Mac. We have sold over 200 new Macs to former Windows users. They are all very happy with their Mac machines!

     When we repair a Windows machine our aim is to make it as easy to use and dependable as possible. We believe in antivirus software being free, and install many free programs when we set up a newly redone machine. When you get your computer back from us it will run better than new!

     When we sell any new machine we always set it up so it will run fast and be dependable. We also put in free programs that make it easy to use for many different things. When we sell or repair a computer we will talk to you about how you use it and set it up with good programs to ensure your best computing experience.

     AngelFire also knows servers! Do you need a server for web pages or for movies and music in your home or business? Give us a yell! We can do that! We have many wonderful ideas when it comes to servers! Servers are our passion! AngelFire had one of the first Internet hosting companies in Arizona. We have built quite a few servers over the years from web servers hosting e-mail and web pages to music and video servers to virtual world servers running Open Simulator. We also can create you a server for whatever you want that will take practically no power and be silent. It can also be smaller than a paperback book!

    We love creating something new and different just for you!

    If you are wanting a Windows or Linux machine built just for you we can do that too! We can make you a machine that will be the envy of everyone you know!

Just give us a call at 928-445-5050!


    We repair and sell Macintosh, Windows, and Linux computers for home and small to medium sized business. Generally the ones we deal with are newer than the one in the picture!

    Computers can be scary things! We can make them your friend! Try us and see!

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