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Scooters, Motorized Wheelchairs, and Mobility Vehicles 

We have discovered a new talent! A while back Steve bought a Rascal Scooter that as all in pieces with some parts missing even. He got it all back together and even re-fashioned the paddle system to a better stronger design. Last year at the CES show in Las Vegas Steve drove it all over to test it and take a load off of his feet. It worked perfectly the whole time getting him everywhere he wanted to go! In the time in between we have researched this business and discovered good suppliers for batteries and parts for scooters, wheelchairs and other mobility vehicles. If you have a chair in need of repair we can do it! Our prices will make you smile too! We will not bill Medicare or your insurance, but our prices are low enough so you may not need to! You can also submit your invoice from us and get your money back.

    We can also modify it to your desires. Think about what we can do!

Add headlights or tail lights.

Add a good horn that can be heard.

Add a connection to charge your cell phone from.

Put in rear view mirrors.

Add turn signals.

Add a holder for your iPad and a charger for it!

Put in a stereo sound system, or anything else you can think of!

    Make your scooter fun to use! Make it help you even more!


    We are now repairing iDevices! iPhones, iPods, iPads are all repairable locally! Give us a call if yours has stopped working or needs a new screen or battery. You will find our repair rates are the best in the area, and our service is second to none! If you have a question about your iDevice, give us a call at 928-445-5050. We are also repairing most other tablets!

Repairs on:

Scooters and Mobility Vehicles

iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

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