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    You have worked for hundreds of hours getting your show put together. Everything is all ready to go-everyone knows all their lines and moves down and you think you look really good! Opening night is here and you are on stage with a large audience of your excited fans. You walk out on stage and start talking. You soon realize that no one can hear you so you start to yell! You begin to realize that maybe you should have hired a sound guy...

    We have seen this happen so many times. People just don’t realize that the most important thing for any show or presentation is having good audio. Hiring AngelFire Productions is not expensive. You get a really experienced sound company for a very reasonable price. Your message comes out loud and clear to your audience and your show is a rousing success with great reviews!

    At AngelFire we have over 50 years experience in Sound services! By now we just might have an idea of what we are doing! We have the equipment for any size need from a one microphone little system to many, many microphones and speakers in a large theatre or arena situation.

    AngelFire Productions has been doing the sound for the Prescott Rodeo Parade for about 30 years now. We have also been doing the sound for the Holiday Light Parade for over 17 years now. Parade sound includes arranging locations, announcers vehicles and stages and power for all the locations. We have been doing it so long now it always runs really well!

    Good sound does not just happen. Good sound requires an engineer who knows the way audio works and how sound works in different locations. That is what experience gives us. We know locations and mixing to make your sound really good!

    AngelFire Productions also has a full compliment of lighting equipment to illuminate just about any indoor or outdoor venue. Our lighting system is digitally controlled and programmable to help with cuing lights for different acts. We also design and install lighting for clubs and continuous venues needing specialized lighting. We design for efficiency and the look you want. We are also very creative in our lighting design services. We love creating completely new and different looks for you!

    AngelFire also offers an audio and lighting consulting service. Are you looking at a new project or getting a new show together or wanting to light a church or stage or club? Call us at 445-5050 and we will put our half century of knowledge to work for you.


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