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    In the days since the lady above worked things have changed a whole lot! At AngelFire we have been on the cutting edge of technology for a really long time. When we first got into the telephone business the phones had 6 buttons on them  connecting them to 5 phone lines. The wire going to the phone had 50 wires all coded in a rainbow of colors to make it all work. Thank God that those days are over! Keeping track of all those wires and punching them down into a block was a lot of work!

    Now things are just a bit different! A wired phone system really only needs 2 wires to connect a phone, or an ethernet cable to connect to your network. We can set you up a system that does not even involve the phone company any more. It can connect into your office from anywhere in the world just like you were actually in your office! Imagine running your business in Arizona from your villa in Italy! We can do that. The Internet and VOIP make it possible. Even better the server that runs it all can be the size of a deck of cards and use less than 5 watts of power! At AngelFire we really get into using the latest technology to make your life easier and more fun!

    We keep track of the trends and what really works and what does not. We know how to make talk cheap! Also how to make it work all the time without interruption. That is how we make your life easy and fun!

    AngelFire Productions is also a dealer for Plantronics headsets which we wholeheartedly recommend as we use them ourselves! At AngelFire Productions we will not sell anything that does not meet our high standards. When we install anything we want it to operate perfectly without needing constant service. Our systems just keep working for you!

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