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    At AngelFire we have been scripting, shooting, and editing video since the early 1970’s. Back then it was black & white reel to reel 1/2” tape on a heavy shoulder pack machine and a very heavy camera on a heavy wire. We have done hundreds of productions from commercials to multi-hour multi-camera productions. Our videos have received rewards and helped people get into the college they wanted to. We have experience in educational video, event video, commercial video, advertising video and just about any kind of video you can think of! We also can get your message on youtube or on your own website. We can record your wedding or other event for posterity. Give us a call and let’s talk about your next production!

    Part of video production is duplication and format conversion. At AngelFire we can convert your old videotapes or film to DVD or a computer file that you can send to friends or upload to youtube for the world to watch! Some of these services include:

8mm, super 8mm or 16mm film to tape, DVD, or computer file.

Super 8mm film with sound to DVD or computer file. NEW!

VHS  or SVHS tape or 3/4” Umatic tape to DVD or computer file.

Cassette, reel to reel, or 8 track audio to CD or computer file.

Computer video and audio conversions to something that works for you! We have the ability to convert most formats to most other formats! We are also willing to try to convert odd formats to something you can use. A creative challenge is always fun!

Whatever you are thinking of-no matter how crazy you think it might be-give us a call and we will talk!  928-445-5050


AngelFire Productions has always been a video production company. That is why we are called AngelFire Productions!

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